Hojlund will shine if he plays with good teammates

Former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes that striker Rasmus Hojlund will be able to develop his qualities if he receives the support of quality teammates.

Peter Schmeichel points out Hojlund's problem

Last summer, Rasmus Hojlund joined MU from Atalanta for 72 million Euros excluding fees. He received a lot of expectations.

However, the Danish player has only scored 2 goals so far. It wasn't until recently that No. 11 relieved the pressure after a long series of poor matches.

Former football player Peter Schmeichel highly appreciated Hojlund's talent. He believes that the reason the striker born in 2003 has not been able to develop his full potential is because of the lack of support from his surrounding teammates.

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Peter Schmeichel expressed his opinion:

"I have a lot of confidence in Hojlund. Once he finds his inspiration to score again, he will prove his ability. Hojlund is a smart player.

Don't forget that Hojlund is only 20 years old this year. But he plays with a very mature style.

He's having a bit of trouble because the satellites around him don't seem to be ready yet. But he still tried his best. He is ready to take advantage of the opportunities he has. However, it seems that Hojlund is lacking quality teammates."